My ‘Not a Bucket’ List

It was suggested by a new friend, Jessica at JessicasNatureJournal dot WordPress dot com, that I “make a list of (my) hobbies or interest, pick five, and then stick to those five and sell everything from the rest and invest in only those five hobbies”.  This sounds like a fine idea, so here goes…

1.  Right now I’m focusing on learning as much as I can about photography. That’s one subject I’ve been fascinated by since I was a child. With the advent of digital, I’m able to pursue this interest in depth. I started learning to work with Photoshop Elements in 2009 by reading, studying and practicing every inexpensive or free online course I could find.  RadLab was added a couple of years later.  Now I intend to add Lightroom to the set-up within the next few days (I hope).

crochet angels photography
Five Little Angels

2.  Crocheting hats and scarves which I give to people at the Tulsa Day Center for homeless people is an important part of my life.  When I’ve had enough of everything else and just need to be calm, I crochet hats and scarves.  Once in a while, Steve will ask me to watch a movie on the television with him.  That’s a good time to bring out the hook and yarn.

crochet, donate, hats, homeless
Crocheted hats ready to go to the homeless shelter.

3.  Bread-making is a special pleasure.  We purchased a good bread machine and I’ve enjoyed trying and modifying several bread recipes.  I need to do this more often.  My family enjoys the fresh homemade bread as much as I do.  Somewhere is a photograph of one of the granddaughters making her first loaf of bread.  I’ve spent an hour looking for it.  Point made on importance of metadata.

4.  Soap-making is a craft I learned recently.  I really got carried away and made enough soap to sell on-line, give away, use and still have enough left to last us a few years.  Making it a business to retire on was my hope, but only a few people saw the benefit of handcrafted soap.  This is something I’ll do just as we need to replenish our soap box.

soap, handcrafted, homemade,
Soap On the Curing Rack

 5.  Books…getting wrapped up in a good story is a fabulous way to spend an occasional weekend.  Fictional stories are the only ones I like to read…dragons, detectives, mysteries, scary, fairies and elves.  I have a few favorite authors, but enjoy trying new ones, too.

6.  Spending time with family is the one favorite that will never be stricken from my list.  My family, my son and daughter, their children and my precious young great-grandson are my reasons for living and enjoying it.

7.  The dogs, our babies, Spanky and Rosie, and Dixie our grandson’s dog.  Charlie, my Beta fish.  I love them all and don’t want to imagine life without them.  I’ve seen two dogs, Buckwheat and Darla, pass on and am grateful to have had them while I could.

Chihuahua, dog, pets, family
Our Chihuahua, Rosie

There may well be more to add to this ‘Not a Bucket’ List, but it’s late and my brain stopped working about an hour ago.  Good night and sleep tight, sweet dreams.


3 thoughts on “My ‘Not a Bucket’ List

      1. My brother spoiled me when we lived together (he just recently moved out to follow a job prospect). He ALWAYS made such AWESOME bread. And nothing beats homemade sourdough toast! Man oh man is it good.

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